Hi, we are Mallory and Martin

two wine professionals in Portland, Oregon, who started Sunday School because we found that people are increasingly interested in wine, but often don’t know where to start or what questions to ask.

During Mallory’s years of managing a neighborhood bottle shop and through Martin’s job as a irreverent wine columnist, we’ve heard complaints that the World of Wine Education is everything from “too basic” to “overwhelming and complicated” to “biased and dogmatic.” And that’s not even talking about the formal, drab stuff reliant on laser pointers and PowerPoint. So, we created Sunday School.

Sunday School is a fun, casual and inviting space where anyone, regardless of wine knowledge, can come learn about wine.

Our classes cover everything from the wine basics (how do I talk about wine, purchase it, or know how to express what I like?), to the wine world’s fire-y hot topics (what the f— is orange wine, and isn’t all wine “natural”?).

Since Sunday School’s inception in 2017, we’ve found that the enthusiasm for accessible and approachable wine education is greater than we imagined. We are continually expanding our repertoire of classes and events (not in Portland, OR? Hire us and we’ll come to you!) and we are currently working on the next phase of the Sunday School Universe: online classes (want to be one of our guinea pigs? Sign up here!).

We love being on this journey with you all, and we hope to continue to share our love for wine in a way that inspires fascination, builds community and always remains inclusive, informative—and, of course, fun!