Hi! We are Mallory and Martin,

two wine professionals who started Sunday School because we found that people were increasingly interested in wine but were afraid to ask questions, and often didn’t know what questions to ask. (We knew what that was like, having once been there – no one is born wine educated!)

Working at a bottle shop Mallory was often urged to host a class, and Martin’s job as a wine columnist was to explain all things wine to a general audience. Doing something educational was a natural fit.

The idea for Sunday School was to create

a casual, non-judgmental space that tackled the big concepts and themes in wine, while honoring the depth of wine’s beauty and intricacies.

We’ve found since Sunday School’s inception that the eagerness for informal and fun wine education is greater than we imagined. We are building on our success with classes to provide (even more!) wine knowledge through events, and online resources and publications. 

We hope to share our love for wine in a way that provokes fascination, feeds curiosity, while always remaining inclusive and informative.

We teach. We entertain. We create community.