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Our most popular classes…

Alternative Oregon Wines

We’ll explore Oregon's underground wine culture and taste some of the most exciting and innovative wines in Oregon right now! We'll also learn about the history of wine in the Willamette Valley, the exciting new varieties that forward-thinking winemakers are planting now, and why these wines could be the future of the Valley.

Oregon Wine: Charms and Wonders

A tour of the everything Oregon has to offer, from world-famous pinot noir in the Willamette Valley, to the varied delights of Southern Oregon. We also hit up the new hotspots, such as The Rocks District and Columbia Gorge, providing a full survey of Oregon’s cherished wine diversity.

Wine Explained: For the Curious and Unsure

For those who want to understand wine essentials and give their wine confidence a boost. We'll follow the life of wine from the vineyard to the cellar to your glass, and we'll explain all the concepts and terms you'll need to find your way around a wine list, wine label, and wine glass. Never be daunted by a restaurant list or wine shop again!

Natural Wine: Naked, Pure, and Thoroughly Contentious

Exploring hot topics like: What is a natural wine? Is it the same thing as organic? What about the mysterious (and at times) bizarre world of biodynamic viticulture? Why do some dismiss natural wine producers as charlatans—and why do others champion them as creating the simplest and purest expression of what a wine can be?

What the F*** is Orange Wine?

Ancient, controversial, quirky, and utterly delicious, orange wine is the hip new kid on the vino block. We’ll look at the long and venerable history of orange wine, learn what the f*** it is, and taste through all the different styles.

Our almost as popular classes…

Uncovering the Secrets of Rosé

Does rosé really live up to it’s bigger-than-Kanye stratospheric hype?

A Remarkably Concise History of Wine

8000 years of history in 100 minutes.

The Inside Out of Sparkling Wine

The classic class on all things bubbly!

Sparkling Part Two: Offbeat Bubbly Adventures

Exotic sparklers from around the world.

A Question of Bubbles:
Why is Champagne the Greatest Wine in the World?

Going deep to explore the world of (real) Champagne, a sparkling wine from a small, region in the northern French countryside.

The Badass Ladies of Champagne

Without ladies like Madame Clicquot, Lily Bollinger, and Louise Pommery the world’s most famous sparkling wine wouldn’t exist as we know (and love!) it.

Pinot Noir: The War of the Worlds

The reigning champ, Burgundy, versus the challenger, Oregon, in a class that explores the wonderful of world of pinot.

A Tour De France: Parts One (the eastside) and Two (the westside)

A tour of France, crisscrossing the country, pinpointing (and tasting!) the distinct characteristics of each region (in two classes).


Once the punch line to many a joke, gamay has been rebooted as the wine of the moment, with devout followers around the world.