Sunday school Ambassador FAQS

How will I get paid?

We will transfer you money through PayPal.

When will I get paid?

You’ll get paid the day after your referred friend attends a class. (If for any reason a participant is granted a refund, no referral fee will be made for that sale.)

Do I have to have PayPal?

Yes. However, it’s is free to create an account with PayPal ( and it is a safe, secure, and free way of sending and receiving money.

How do I invite people?

Simply supply them with your code. They will have the option of entering the code when they sign up for a class which ensures they get their discount and we know it was you who sent them. (Referral fees will only be paid on sales that use your unique code.)

Who do I invite?

Anyone who hasn’t been to a class! Moms who need some wine and self-time. Friends who need first date ideas. The guy you met at dinner the other night who wants to learn more about wine but doesn’t know where to start. Someone who is new to town and wants a low-pressure place to meet new friends. Anyone and everyone who loves wine. :)
(Note, if your referred friend has already attended a class we won’t pay a referral fee.)

Anything else I need to know?

Referrals are only for full-price classes only, not parties, other events or gift cards. We pay in US dollars and you will be responsible for any receiving fees that may be charged by Paypal. Sunday School LLC reserves the right to change any aspect of the affiliate program, or remove it, at any time without notice.