Bachelorette party? Holiday celebration?
Birthday for mom? Party with your best friends in your living room?
You and your homies just want to learn about wine?


Let’s do it!

We have an array of classes to fit your wine-party-mood of the moment, all of which will provide you with the tools you need to navigate that hip wine list, and the wine world with confidence.

We will provide a fun, engaging, and super educational class that includes a tasting of five wines, hand drawn maps and wine notes to keep, plus a pre-class glass of bubbly, of course.

private wine class
private wine class pairings

You name the place, we bring the goods (wine, glasses, handouts, chalkboard, and all the fun).

Our most popular classes include:
- Uncovering the Secrets of Rosé
- What the F. is Orange Wine
- Natural Wine: Naked, Pure, and Thoroughly Contentious
- Wine Explained: For the Curious and Unsure
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Prices start at $45 per person ($500 minimum).


Something more casual?

We’ll curate wines for your dinner party—theme or no theme—and supplement with fun and informal Sunday School education. We’ll briefly tell you the stories behind each wine, why they pair with the food, and why we love them, leaving you with Sunday School illustrated handouts, delicious wines, a delightful dinner, and a whole lotta knowledge. Prices start at $300.

(Need a chef, too? We have some options. Just say the word.)


Tell me more!

We would love to customize an event to fit you so please don’t hesitate to reach out with other ideas. Fill out the form below with any questions, ideas, or for more details on pricing.